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"Cleopatra" from series PEOPLE
"Victoria" from series PEOPLE
 "The soloist" from series PEOPLE
 "Konzentration (Concentration)" from series PEOPLE
"Broken heart" from series PEOPLE
Safely guided
"Female Portrait"
"Arawe dancer" from series PEOPLE
young child
child portrait - created on order
"The girl with the pearlearing" copied art, original by Jan Vermeer
"Jungle Girl" from series PEOPLE
Church of Cunewalde
"Frauenkirche Dresden (ladies church)" motive of the 1st postcard
"Church St. Peter and Paul in Görlitz"
Church of Cunewalde
"ladies church of dresden in winter"
"Symbol of Life"
"St. Bartholomä and Watzmann"
Der goldene Wanderstab
Between heaven and earth
True Freedom
The three fish
Take my hands
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