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Owner: Mr. Rico Hentschel (freelance painter)

Hauptstraße 70
02733 Cunewalde / Saxony

phone: 0049 (0) 157 - 73 80 46 24
email: atelier-IMPRESSION [at]

VAT-ID: 204 / 230 / 00628

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I (Atelier IMPRESSION) assume no responsibility for the contents of other websites that can be accessed through hyperlinks.

Nofification to the Copyright:
Each of the used texts and grafics were created by Mr. Rico Hentschel and are protected by his copyright, excluded are all copied pictures which are especially signed as copies. It is not allowed to use texts or grafics without having a written permission from Mr. Rico Hentschel. This is also valid for including any content of this website on other websites and the copying of contents on other data media. Offences will be pursued!
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