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new ways

new ways

Since April 1st, 2004, I am self-employed in a creative field.
In other words, since this point of time I have worked at
carrying out my vision to bring light and encouragement to
others. So far, the first step has been created through my
workshops in kindergardens and elementary schools in Upper

As I have mentioned on my welcoming page, I began my
work through art by order. This is no longer the path which
leads to the realization of my vision. I will instead devote
my energy towards my own pictures in order to encourage
people in many different ways. People, which honestly ask
themselves the question, why Jesus Christ is the centre of
my paintings and why I am convinced that there is a creator.
And in addition, to give the people who search for god, the
possibility to come a bit closer to HIM or possibly even find HIM.
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