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Rico Hentschel

Rico Hentschel

Alternative to studying art, I acquired my abilities, techniques and knowledge by autodidact through constant experiments with colors and techniques as well as through the reading of artliterature. It is not my goal to become a known person, not through my pictures nor through any of my works. It is not of importance to me that people can put my name to certain merits.

Only one thing is of importance to me and that is that god knows my name and that HE loves me with his whole heart. Just as I paint a picture with tools such as a brush or a coloring knife, god takes mankind as tools in his hand to bring light into
this world. Through the talents of those people,  god has given
them a vocation or meaning in their life.

Through the creative workshops, I can pass on light and
encouragement to others, and in this I see my vocation.
Through my pictures, I would like to encourage searching people
to ask for Jesus Christ, to get to know HIM and to live with HIM.

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