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Christian atelier

Christian atelier

Since July 2010, we have been leading the recreational and family activity
„Christian atelier“, a creative workshop, in our atelier in Cunewalde.
Goal of this recreational activity is relaxation of the daily rush, peace of mind,
exchange of experiences, and fellowship. Thereby, drawing and painting together
pictures expressing christian values build the basic foundation. The idea of the
christian atelier is based on numerous wishes of children and parents as well as
colleagues of schools and kindergardens.

The planned dates will only take place if at least ten participants signed up.
For this reason is necessary to sign up by phone or e-mail. The guests are able to use all
materials at a given entry cost. The time span for the drawing and painting is
approximately 2,5 hrs.

You can find all dates and costs under „News & Events“. If you are interested or
you have any questions, you may contact us by phone or the contactform.

Jesus Christ speaks:

Come, all who are burdend; I will give you rest.

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